Skiregion Simulator 2012

Skiregion Simulator 2012

Step into the shoes of a Ski resort manager!


  • Big environment
  • Easy to play


  • Monotonous tasks
  • Dull graphics

Not bad

In Ski Region Simulator you take the role of a hands-on resort manager, making your slopes and hotels happy places for tourists.

If you've ever played Farming Simulator, you'll know what to expect from Ski Region Simulator. You will be given a variety of tasks throughout the day to complete to keep things running smoothly. This could be rescuing injured skiers, clearing snow covered roads or placing snow machines on slopes.

The area of mountain in Ski Region Simulator is impressively large, but the graphics are poor, especially close up. There is plenty to do in the resort, but nothing is exciting. This is a simulator in the driest sense, not suitable for thrill seeking gamers!.

Ski Region Simulator is slow and methodical, but if that's what you enjoy, the game provides hours of activities. It's a shame there isn't more fun or life here; it never feels very inspired.

There really aren't many options for Ski resort management simulators - this is the only one we've seen - so it's shame this isn't better.

Skiregion Simulator 2012


Skiregion Simulator 2012

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